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On Saturdays for the Fall I am taking a Photography and Figure Drawing Course.

Here are some of my photographs that I have developed.
The basic focus has been on depth of field and experimenting with the sharpness of the camera.
Appature also comes into play.

I own a Canon A-1 SLR with a 50 mm lens.
It is very sharp

This one was taken on the table top with a greater depth of field with a field exposure of probably around 16

This was taken of my backyard with another great field exposure of around 16

This picture was taken with a different perspective. The foreground is out of focus while the back is in focus. The split of light is natural and not caused by any clashing light sources. It is a natural occurance that adds enigmatic qualities to the piece.

Though a great depth of field is also captured in this there is nothing much to say about this photograph.

A different perspective on one of the earlier pieces where the depth of field hovers around 2 or less. The foreground is in focus and the light still contrasts.

This was taken with another great depth of field though only the tree is truly captured as well as what is in front of it.

Again with the foreground being in focus and the back being out of focus,this piece emphasizes upon that leg of the stool.

The warm light gives an unrealistic tone to this piece. It is a perspective looking up.
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