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Date:2005-03-29 21:08

hey remember this? this is from beginning of the year

its an interpretation of this photo of the sculpture:

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Date:2005-03-29 20:51

picture update
concentration possibilities really
tell me what you like

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Date:2005-03-29 19:37

art update, im trying to keep this current

photograph perspective

watercolor decision

acrylic rage against the machine
this is 2ft x 3ft

acrylic sky rocket in flight

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Date:2005-02-21 22:18

its graphite and watercolor
ignore the tape and the darwing board on the side.

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Date:2005-01-09 21:15

Study of Hyacinth

This is much smaller than the regular version. It was a graphic design I tried to implement into my portfolio for 2D Design. Being that I can use various media, mixed, paint, graphic design, photography, &c; I decided to try out the graphic design portion, since I have already done a lot with photography. And will continue to by the way, but yea.

I wasn't sure of what I was trying to accomplish by doing this, it was more of a sporadic lets have some fun with a flower type of thing.

My concentration this year is machine vs. nature which is odd for me. Doing something so abstract and surreal can be hilarious and fun. I hope to explore it a lot. I am doing a concentration at school right now with the aurora borealis with the reflection in a lake below. But the reflection is of a city, a skyline, with industry and what will eventually become of that naturally inherent beauty that the landscape posesses. I also contrasted the texture for it. I used the texturous rather 3d palette knife for the nature and a thin meticulous brush work for the city. It is quite contrasting, and I am pleased with it.

I am also working on a piece that is a fractal interpretation of a shoreline. It is wild. I am either going to do it tremendously small or tremendously big. I haven't decided yet. It would look fabulous big but I'd rather save those for when I do something so amazing that comes from my own thought. The aurora thing would work well large. I am thinking of doing a self portrait on one of the huge pieces (2' x 3' and 2' x 2'). They are big. I would need a lot of pant so you can see I want to be sure. I don't need to cost more money. I spend most of my money on my art supplies. I am such a junkie. I am addicted to it I love the smell of paint and art supplies and the feel. To be immersed in art is so orgasmic sounding to me, its crazy.

Another piece I am working on- or well need input on is an interpretation of one of my nudes for massart, this one

Except that instead of the bottom portion being natural, I am going to turn it into a robot type of thing with machinery and wires and metal. It will be interesting. It is working out fine so far, I need to spend a fe more drafts on it though before it gets right completely. I may have to buy another pad of 18 x 24 paper. Guh. I should go after school tomorrow to the art store and get one.

Some of my art is being entered into the Scholastics Competition for my state:

and a serigraph I can't find the picture of.
If I win anything I will be very happy. If i get the gold key my art will go to NYC. That would be exciting, but I would want my art back desperately, I love it so.

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Date:2004-11-14 09:09

On Saturdays for the Fall I am taking a Photography and Figure Drawing Course.

Here are some of my photographs that I have developed.
The basic focus has been on depth of field and experimenting with the sharpness of the camera.
Appature also comes into play.

I own a Canon A-1 SLR with a 50 mm lens.
It is very sharp

This one was taken on the table top with a greater depth of field with a field exposure of probably around 16

This was taken of my backyard with another great field exposure of around 16

This picture was taken with a different perspective. The foreground is out of focus while the back is in focus. The split of light is natural and not caused by any clashing light sources. It is a natural occurance that adds enigmatic qualities to the piece.

Though a great depth of field is also captured in this there is nothing much to say about this photograph.

A different perspective on one of the earlier pieces where the depth of field hovers around 2 or less. The foreground is in focus and the light still contrasts.

This was taken with another great depth of field though only the tree is truly captured as well as what is in front of it.

Again with the foreground being in focus and the back being out of focus,this piece emphasizes upon that leg of the stool.

The warm light gives an unrealistic tone to this piece. It is a perspective looking up.

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Date:2004-11-14 08:57
Subject:intro to art journal
Mood: blah


I am also the owner of the journal calimari. I decided that I needed a journal for myself and my art. Whether anyone reads it I don't really care. It's just a nice thing to keep I think.

So I will be describing my art and art excursions and posting pieces and updates with them.

I will post the pieces I do have up sometime.

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